January 30th – February 1st, 2017
The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami, FL

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Key Challenges in the Latin American Cold Chain

The loss of patent protection on top-selling medicines has slowed the sales growth of Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies in the U.S. and Europe. The market in Latin America, however, is booming and is currently growing two to three times faster than the U.S. and Europe and will surge to $124...

Principales Desafíos en la Cadena de Frio Latino Americana

La pérdida de la protección de patentes de los medicamentos más vendidos ha frenado el crecimiento de ventas para compañías Farmacéuticas y de Biotecnología en Estados Unidos y Europa. Sin embargo, el mercado Latino Americano sigue floreciendo. Actualmente, este mercado esta creciendo de manera exponencial – de dos a tres...

IATA's Perspective of Technology and Soft Skills to Improve Distribution Procedures

This presentation led by Ronald Schaefer, Airports, Passenger, Cargo and Security Consulting, International Air Transport Association (IATA) will provide you with the tools to learn how your organization can build a robust supply chain that includes last mile visibility of air freight.

Bristol-Myers Squibb on the Challenges with Regulations for Temperature Sensitive Supply Chains

Learn how to increase your companies efforts for a compliant and secure supply chain in this exclusive presentation with past speaker Roger Cocom, Global Logistics Services - Latin America Warehouse & Transportation, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Eli Lilly on Improving Supply Chain Operations in Brazil

Learn how to improve your supply chain operations in Brazil and overcome issues of infrastructure, cost while boosting productivity in this exclusive presentation with past speaker Veronica Pinon, Global Logistics Consultant, Eli Lilly.

Q&A: Establishing a Flawless Quality System

In this interview, Dr. Sandra O. Rumiano, Advisor & GMP Expert, WHO, discusses upcoming regulations, the WHO’s impact on supply chains, and how to establish quality systems.

Top 8 Cold Chain Challenges in Latin America

Along with other emerging markets, Latin America has been a major hotbed of pharmaceutical and supply chain growth. But the region provides its share of unusual challenges. Learn about these top 8 challenges and discuss their solutions at the event in Panama.

Temperature Controlled Biopharmaceutical Logistics in Central America

Cold Chain IQ conducted a survey and then created this infographic and map that reports on the state of temperature controlled biofarmaceutical logistics in the region.

Optimizing your Logistic Processes

Verónica Piñón Aburto, Global Logistics Consultant with Eli Lilly, discusses logistical challenges, the importance of collaboration with logistic service providers, how to optimize distribution processes, ensure sustainable benefits and lessons learned in this presentation.

Speaker Perspectives: Rafael Hernan Rivera Caballero

Rafael Hernan Rivera Caballero is a Mechanical Engineer who represents Colombia’s Ministry of Health & Social Protection on the WHO’s Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). Rafael shares his insights on investing in the temperature controlled supply of vaccines and best practice for cold chain compliance.

Los 8 Problemas Principales de Cadena de Frio en America Latina

Junto con Otros Mercados Emergentes, América Latina ha Sido un foco Importante de Crecimiento de la Cadena Farmacéutica y de Alimentación. Sin embargo, en la región Aporta su cuota de Desafíos.

Logística Biofarmacéutica de Temperatura Controlada en Centro América

Cold ChainIQ realizó una encuesta y, basado en los resultados, creó esta infografía acercadel estado de la logística biofarmacéutica de temperaturacontrolada en la región.

Cold Chain in Argentina & Latin America

Federico Montes de Oca, President of SAFYBI, shared this presentation in Spanish at last year's Summit.

Mexico's Improving Logistics Environment

Our friends at SupplyChainBrain published this article about the improving logistics environment in Mexico. A stabilizing economy, reform-minded government and improved infrastructure are just 3 of the reasons. The improving situation is similar to other countries in Latin America.

The cold chain for temperature sensitive drugs - Quality, Safety & Efficacy

Nereida I. Quintero de Velasco, Pharmacist/QA/MBA, President of the Collegio Nacional de Farmaceuticos at Colegio Nacional de Farmaceuticos, shares the key elements for meeting the cold chain: the human resource, the technical resource and the financial resource.

Developing Quality Processes for Validating Your Transportation Routes and Packaging

Yamileth Cano of Sanofi Quality Processes LatAm, lists the quality standards, the main changes to EU GDP, transport quality requirements, GDP in the supply chain and the main issues in the cold chain, and more in this past presentation.

Snapshot de Asistentes Pasados

Detallados están los profesionales de la Cadena de Frio y Cadena de Suministro de Temperatura Controlada que nos acompañaron en las iteraciones anteriores de la Cumbre Gestión Logística de las GDP y Temperatura en la Cadena de Frio en Latino América. ¿Va a estar presente este año para reunirse y...

Past Attendee Snapshot

Detailed are the Cold Chain and Temperature Control Supply Chain Professionals that joined us in the previous iterations of the Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Summit Latin America. Will you be there to meet and network with similar experts at this years summit?

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